Muffler &Exhaust Services in Fawkner

Triple R Muffler offers comprehensive muffler and exhaust services in Fawkner to help maintain your car in the best possible condition for enhanced performance. When you’re searching for anexhaust shop in Melbourne that can help with everything from muffler repair through to cheap brake pad replacement, book your car in with our trusted mechanics.

Discover the World of Customisation & Performance

We offer top-quality performance exhausts as well ascustomisedmufflers and exhaust systems in Melbournethat are made to fit perfectly to your vehicle. We cater to all brands and car types, including petrol, diesel, 4×4, normally aspirated, and turbocharged/supercharged.

You can choose any of our below mentioned exhaust systems as per your requirements:

  • Performance exhaust bolt on
  • Custom performanceexhausts
  • High flow catalytic converters
  • Dual and single exhaust systems
  • Cold air intakes
  • Extractors or headers

Our available extractors or headers not only complement exhaust systems and mufflers, but also add on to the performance and power of your vehicle.As leading exhaust pipe material suppliers, we can also provide exhausts in a wide range of materials.

Get the Best Catalytic Converters in Melbourne

Keep your car pollution free with our catalytic converters! In addition to muffler and exhaust services in Fawkner, Triple R Muffler can also provide you with a suitable catalytic converter for your vehicle. As per EPA laws, cars designed from January 1986 (excluding some 4×4 and professional vehicles) must be fixed with a catalytic converter.Catalytic converters are an exhaust emission control device containing a wide evaluate steel body spend and either ceramic or metal inner monolithic substrate. This substrate is covered with several rhodium and palladium coins.

As emissionscirculate through the substrate at the correct warm range, a substance response occurs that leadsto an eco-friendlier gas being created. The substrate here is best described as a claystone with a sequence of gaps and programs through it.

A conventional catalytic converterwould have roughly 400 cells per squareinch. In cases of higher circulation, we use a high flow catalytic converter,which has 200 cells per squareinch. In short, thefewer cells, the higher the circulation rate. The higher circulation is used for more powerful vehicles.

At Triple R Muffler, we provide quality catalytic converts for all vehicles that convert the three harmful compounds of car exhaust – hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide – to harmless compounds. Our service will help you reduce the vehicle emission by dealing with all the pollutants produced by the engine.

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Whether you need a new muffler in Fawkner or you’re searching for suitable exhaust systems in Melbourne,make Triple R Muffler your first destination. Call our exhaust shop in Melbourne today on (03) 9357 2925.

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