Repair Services for Your Car Suspension in Melbourne

A car’s suspension is essential for keeping wheels in contact with the road surface, absorbing impacts and helping to protect components from wear and tear. But when there’s something wrong with your car suspension, this can leave your car open to unnecessary damage, as well as contributing to a rough driving experience. Fortunately, Triple R Muffler is a leading suspension specialist in Melbourne, capable of identifying and repairing various problems with car suspensions. Our services are affordably priced regardless of whether your car model is old or new. We pride ourselves on delivering hassle-free and convenient car suspension repairs at competitive prices.If you’ve noticed a problem with your car suspension in Melbourne, don’t delay – get it fixed by our experts today!

Signs Your Suspension Needs Repairing

If you’ve noticed one of more of the following signs, your car suspension could need repair:

  • Vibrations or shaking while driving
  • Noise when you drive your vehicle over bumps
  • Uneven wear on the tyres
  • Poor road handling
  • Uneven levelling when the vehicle is parked
  • Bouncing

From the simplest to the most complex suspension repairs, we’ve got you covered. Whetheryou have a problem with your front or rear suspension, you can trust the team at Triple R Mufflerto provide the superior repair and replacement servicesyou need. This includes the control arm, ball joint, coil springs, shock absorbers, struts and inserts, leaf springs, sway bars and much more.We’re also proud to be 4×4 suspension specialists in Melbourne, allowing us to provide expert assistance with 4WD suspensions.

The Benefits of Working Car Suspension

Wondering why it’s so important to get your car suspension in Melbourne fixed? In addition to making your vehicle safer, here are a few additional benefits of working car suspension:

  • Improved aerodynamics
  • Reduced rollover risk
  • Improved traction
  • Easier handling
  • Greater comfort

Looking for a Suspension Specialist in Melbourne?

Next time you need car suspension repairs, call on the team at Triple R Muffler. As we understand that your car is a necessity, we ensure that all repairs and servicing is done within the same or next day.Based in Fawkner, we also offer our reliable car servicing, maintenance and repair services for residents of Coburg, Coburg North, Hadfield and surrounding suburbs. Book your car in with suspension specialist in Melbourne today by calling (03) 9357 2925.

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